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Chèvre à Cerisier

I've written about Banon Chèvre before, but here's an unusual variation. Chèvre à Cerisier. It's a similar goat cheese, but rather than being wrapped in chestnut leaves,  it's wrapped in cherry leaves.

This comes from Madame Hisada, an affineur originally from Tokyo. She now lives in Paris where she runs one of her four stores. Cherry leaves are traditionally used in Japanese deserts, but not cheese. Indeed, cheese is not all that common in the traditional Japanese diet.

So how is the cheese? Excellent, and it really does taste of cherry!

If you get a chance, do visit her store and check out the futuristic cheese cooler. Press a button and voilà, the top rises to expose your selection. The Jetsons never had it this good.

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JULY, 2010

 Tour de France

Tour de France

Friendly banter between opponents? The Tour de France as it passes by Parc du Cinquantenaire in Brussels.

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MAY, 2010



The latest Monday cheese comes from artisan affineur Jacquy Cange. So what's an affineur do? They take soft, young cheese and ripen them over time. They don't make the cheese, they finish it. Often times they'll wash the rind in different ways, changing and improving the taste. This ripening process is perhaps the most crucial step in making good cheese.

What makes Jac'Kriek special is that it is washed in Cantillon Kriek Lambic beer, a specialty of Brussels. The beer itself is very sour and dry, with a distinct cherry taste. While the beer isn't for everyone, it works brilliantly with the cheese. You can definitely taste the flavors in it.

The cheese is very pungent, with a moist and sticky rind. As I cut the cheese in half my fellow turophile proclaimed, "it even sounds stinky". Once you get past the aroma, and perhaps removing a bit of the rind, you'll find a delicious tasting cheese.

Unfortunately Jac'Kriek was a one-off, made for a cheese tasting held at the Cantillon Brewery. Not to fear though, as Jacquy Cange has several other beer and wine washed cheeses as well as cheese with mushrooms, herbs, and fruit. Check them out at his site at http://www.jacquycange.be/.

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MARCH, 2010

 An Argument Against Straight Lines

No Straight LinesIf a lion is stalking you, or a shark is out to kill you, you are of course in mortal danger. We have lived with these dangers for millions of years. The straight line is a man made danger. There are so many lines, millions of lines, but only one of them is deadly and that is the straight line drawn with a ruler. The danger of a straight line cannot be compared with the danger of organic lines described by snakes, for instance. The straight line is completely alien to mankind, to life, to all creation.


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